Donating your unwanted goods to charities

Re-use your unwanted household goods and donate them to charity.

Many charity shops are ready to take your unwanted clean clothing, household furniture, children's toys, books, sporting goods and bric-a-brac.


Things you should know

Before packing the car with household goods to donate to charity:

  • always contact the charity before donating to verify that it will accept your items

  • some charities are willing to pick items up; others require you to drop them off - organisations that pick up items set their own schedules and may not be immediately available to come to your house

  • charities need goods, not rubbish - donate items that are in good and useable condition; otherwise, charities will have to spend precious resources on rubbish removal - money that would otherwise be spent on programs and services

  • don’t leave material outside charity bins - it will more than likely be discarded due to weather damage.

Contact details for some charities

Page last updated: Tuesday, 4 January 2022