City launches subsidised home composting program

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Greater Geelong residents keen to try composting at home could save over $100 on compost bins and worm farms through a new subsidised home composting program launching this week.

The products on offer through project partners Wormlovers include traditional compost bins and worm farms, compact bokashi systems for smaller households and even models designed for breaking down dog poo.

Residents of Greater Geelong can access one discount per household on a first-come, first-served basis at the initiative’s online shop at The shop already reflects discounted prices, with savings of up to 40 per cent to be had on some systems.

A free online workshop for those new to home composting will be held on 7 April at 5.30pm. Tickets are available at

Cr Belinda Moloney, Chair of the Circular Economy portfolio, said she has three bins at home and finds composting a great way to convert waste into a useful product for houseplants and the garden.

“Composting at home can take as little as fifteen minutes a week to organise, with huge benefits to the environment and your home garden.”

“Whether you’re in an apartment or have a big garden, our new subsidised home composting program has options for everyone to start taking control of their food waste at home.”

Approximately 40 per cent of household landfill waste by weight comes from food. Food waste sent to landfill creates greenhouse gas emissions both during transport and as it breaks down, with specialised food waste processing facilities still rare in Victoria.

In 2021, the City set an ambitious goal to divert 100 per cent of kerbside garbage, recyclables and green organics from landfill by 2030. A 12-month food waste collection trial began in November in Lara, with plans for a gradual roll-out across Greater Geelong from 2024.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 9 March 2022