Resource Recovery Centres supporting our circular economy endeavours

Friday, 19 November 2021

The City’s resource recovery centres in Geelong and Drysdale are playing a key role in our emerging circular economy by supporting residents to recycle common household items that are not accepted in our kerbside recycling bins.

The circular economy aims to transform our throwaway economy into one where waste is eliminated, materials are recovered and reused, and nature is regenerated.

The recovery centres are an important link in the circular economy because they capture items that can be recycled into new products, which in turn reduces our reliance on natural resources.

Collection bins at the two facilities save tonnes of plastics, metals, glass, batteries, e-waste and other everyday items from your household and garage from going to landfill.

At the Drysdale facility last financial year, 1,184 tonnes of scrap metal were recovered along with 335 tonnes of cardboard packaging, and 90 tonnes of e-waste.

Large plastic items such as storage boxes, children’s toys, washing baskets and truck mudguards totalled 26 tonnes, while 33 tonnes of glass bottles were received.

Our residents are projected to generate 58,700 tonnes of household waste per annum by 2026, so taking steps to support a sustainable waste recovery system is more important than ever before.

There is a long list of items from your home and garage that be dropped off for free at the Geelong and Drysdale resource recovery centres such as;

  • Car batteries
  • Clean cardboard
  • E-waste (any broken or unwanted electrical or electronic item with a battery, power cord or plug)Fluorescent/LED light globes & tubes (North Geelong only)
  • Gas bottles (up to 9kg only)
  • Glass bottles & jars
  • Large-size hard plastics (# 2 & 5)
  • Plant pots (all colours)
  • Washing baskets
  • Storage boxes/lids
  • Children’s clam shell (used as sand pit or swimming pool)
  • Buckets (no cement or paint)
  • Bread & milk crates
  • Children’s toys (no metal parts)
  • Motor Oil (maximum of 30 litres per visit in containers no larger than five-litres)
  • Paint & paint tins (up to 100 litres per transaction)
  • Polystyrene packaging (North Geelong only)
  • Scrap Metal including, house guttering, bicycles, fencing panels, chicken wire, frying pan & metal saucepans
  • Outdoor table/chairs
  • Hot water service
  • Whitegoods (fridges, freezers, ovens, washing machines etc)

Household recycling that can’t fit in your kerbside bin for your regular collection can also be dropped off for free.

Sorting your load before you arrive at the resource recovery centre will make your visit quicker and help us recycle even more items.

Unfortunately, our staff don’t have the time or room to separate the items you bring to the transfer station, so we rely on you to sort your load before you leave home.

Watch out for the clearly marked signs or ask the friendly staff to help you find the correct drop-off point.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 23 November 2021