Tops off in recycling

Removing plastic bottle tops from plastic bottles is one of the recent changes to how we use our kerbside recycling bins.

The bottles and lids are made from different plastics, so must be separated before the bottle is then placed in the recycling bin.

However, the small bottle top can no longer be recycled through your yellow-top bin. They’re too small to be accurately sorted at the recycling facility and often end up in the wrong recycling mix or get jammed in the sorting machinery.

They can also get lost during transport and handling at the recycling facility and become litter, so it’s best to leave them out of the recycling bin altogether.

All plastic bottle tops should now be placed in your kerbside waste bin.

Alternatively you can recycle your plastic bottle tops by dropping them off at Urban UpCycle in Grovedale, but it’s advisable to call first to ensure they can accept them. You could also set up your own collection box at home, in your office or at school and send to Terracycle for recycling (costs apply).

Or why not get creative and explore a more artistic reuse option for plastic bottle tops. Take inspiration from these ideas for kids’ craft or repurpose bottle tops into a brooch, keyring or pen holder.

Get inspired and share your ideas for reusing plastic bottle tops with us. Send your idea and a photo to the Waste Education Officer ([email protected]).

Visit the online directory for more information on using your kerbside recycling bin correctly.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 3 March 2020