Making the most of your garage sale

Each week there are hundreds of garage sales in the Geelong area. These weekly events are responsible for moving vast amounts of items to new homes.

In doing so they help reduce the volume of material going to landfill.

There are a variety of reasons for running a garage sale. These include making a few extra dollars, cleaning up around the house to running a fundraiser.

Tips for a successful garage sale

  1. Be prepared for early birds. Decide before the sale day if you’re willing to accept people who arrive before the advertised time of your sale. 
  2. Invite other family members or friends to bring along their items for sale as it will attract buyers by offering a wider selection.
  3. Let your neighbours know as a courtesy that you're holding a garage sale on a particular day.
  4. Remember that each customer that visits your sale is your guest, and you have certain legal and financial obligations if they get hurt on your property. Reduce your liability exposure by tidying up your yard and garage, and taking precautions to prevent injuries, especially to children. Place sharp or potentially dangerous objects out of kids’ reach.
  5. Make sure all items are clean, dusted and any clothing washed and ironed.
  6. Hang clothing like dresses, suits, skirts, coats and jackets.
  7. Grouping items is recommended and placing items on long narrow tables works best.
  8. Make sure any items that need electricity are placed near an electrical source so people can test the item works before buying.
  9. Don’t place items in boxes on the ground. It's easier for people to look through contents if placed on a table.
  10. Remember to place any glass or breakable items to the back of tables to protect against damage.

Remember at the end of the day what is left may not have a lot of appeal. Dropping the leftovers off at a local charity store may just contribute to their rubbish bill.

When considering donating items contact them first to ensure the material is useful and drop off items during business hours.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 26 August 2020