Recycle your aerosol cans

Even though aerosol cans are easily recyclable, 66% of Australians aren't sure what to do with them.

This is just one of the surprise findings in Planet Ark's Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers report.

Aerosol cans, for example seem to cause confusion with just one third (33%) of people correctly identifying them as recyclable. 54% incorrectly say they aren't recyclable and a further 12% say they aren't sure.

With Australians using around 250 million aerosols every year, this means an enormous amount of recyclable steel and aluminium is ending up in landfill.

When asked why they believe aerosols aren't recyclable the key responses were:

  • they've been told that aerosols are not recyclable

  • they believe that aerosols explode in the recycling bin and 

  • they believe that aerosols are not made from recyclable material.

Once empty it is safe to put aerosols in the home recycling bin.

The aerosol can is one of the most sustainable packaging solutions available. It protects its contents, is cost-effective and can be recycled after use again and again.

To find out more visit Aerosol Association of Australia

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020