Minimalism: living with less

We’re filling our lives with more and more stuff, but is it really making us any happier?

These days it seems we’re updating our wardrobes and redecorating our homes all the time.

Our appetite for things has become insatiable: homewares, stationary, clothes, toys – we can’t get enough.

It’s time to stop and ask ourselves if all these possessions are actually bringing us joy in the long-term or are they just cluttering our lives and adding to our environmental problems?

We know that $15 lamp is tempting, but do you really need it? Will it make your life better?

Some tips for living with less:

  • Before you buy something, ask yourself is it really going to add value to your life? If not leave it and save yourself the money!
  • Check Facebook buy, swap and sell pages or online sites like Gumtree to see if there’s a second hand version you can get. These sites are perfect for finding cheap clothes, toys and furniture.
  • Avoid trends that you know will date quickly; stick with classic pieces.
  • You don’t need to constantly keep up with the celebrities of Instagram – your wardrobe and house doesn’t have to look like Bec Judd’s!
  • Clothes swap with your friends.
  • You can pick up some great second hand clothes at the Belmont Market.
  • Borrow books from the library rather than buying them. Library memberships are free at Geelong libraries.
  • Don’t let pay later options such as ‘after pay’ and ’24 months interest free’ persuade you to buy something that’s not in your budget.
  • If you really want to update your couch cushions, just get new cushion covers and keep your old inserts.
  • Sick of your old dining table? Sand it back and paint it. If it’s still functional, try updating your furniture rather than buying new pieces.

Page last updated: Friday, 30 April 2021