Choose recycled products

Opt for recycled products when you're at the checkout and support recycling efforts.

Buying or using products which are made up of recycled materials keeps valuable materials out of landfill.

It keeps reusable material in the economy and reduces the need to manufacture new materials. This means less energy and water is consumed, reducing our impact on the environment.

Buying recycled creates a demand for recycled materials and keeps the recycling industries financially healthy.

These days you can buy almost anything in a recycled format. From paper, to office chairs, to computers.

Clothes, bags and wallets are being made from recycled plastic bottles. Furniture is being made out of recycled cardboard. Old car tyres are being used to make garden pots, building products and decorative outdoor furniture.

Some products, like those made from glass, steel, aluminium, and cardboard almost always contain recycled content.

Support recycled products wherever you can and help complete the recycling loop!

Use our easy online directory to find disposal or recycling options for a wide range of items.

Page last updated: Monday, 31 August 2020