Rates - can you explain the current year rate increase for me?

Council has complied with the Victorian Government's rates cap of 2.5%. The cap applies to the average annual increase of rates and charges.

The rates and charges for your property may have increased or decreased by a different percentage amount for the following reasons:

  1. the valuation of your property relative to the valuation of other properties in the municipal district
  2. the application of any differential rate by Council
  3. the inclusion of other rates and charges not covered by the Victorian Government's rates cap.

The average residential total rate increase of 4.5% can be explained as:

  • an increase in rates for the average residential property valued at CIV $546,151is $28.80or 2.5%

  • an increase of $3.25 or 3.2% to the municipal charge and

  • a fee increase of $15.10 for the waste collection service fee. This is impacted by the increase in the EPA levy - an estimated $35.88 increase, an overall 4.8% increase.

Page last updated: Monday, 1 July 2019