Unpaid rates

You need to pay your rates each year. The rate notice we send advises you of the payment options and the relevant due dates that apply.

Your responsibilities

It is your responsibility to make sure we have your correct address, therefore we will not be held responsible for an incorrect name or address. 

Rates are due at the same time in all municipalities in Victoria. Failure to receive your rate notice does not excuse you from making payment  - it is your responsibility to remember to pay even if you have not received this notice.

Final notices

Under current State legislation, unpaid rates will be pursued for payment. When you don't pay your rates by the due date, we pursue payment by sending you a follow-up notice.

If you do not pay this notice we may use debt collection agencies and legal action to recover the debt. The debt is a property-based debt and must be paid. Personal bankruptcy does not affect this payment requirement.

Interest charges

We charge interest at the rate of 10 percent per annum on overdue amounts.

Valuation objections 

Objecting to the valuation does not mean you don't have to pay your rates.

Even though you may not agree with the valuation and have lodged a formal objection, you must still pay your rates by the due date or you will incur interest charges.

All objections are addressed as soon as practicable.

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Page last updated: Monday, 5 July 2021