Reconciliation Action Plan - Our business

The role of The City of Greater Geelong is constituted under the Local Government Act (Vic) 1989 to provide leadership for the good governance of the municipal district and the local community. 

This means:

  • considering the diverse needs of the local community in decision-making
  • establishing strategic objectives and monitoring achievements
  • managing resources in a responsible and accountable manner
  • advocating local community needs to other communities and governments
  • giving everyone the opportunity to participate in the democratic process and decision making that shapes our community.

The City of Greater Geelong is committed to effective and sustainable forms of democratic and corporate governance as the key to ensuring that we and our administration meet the community’s priorities.

The City of Greater Geelong has a responsibility to respond to the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Geelong region. This can include an advocacy and facilitation role regarding Aboriginal cultural heritage and its contemporary expression; health, wellbeing and economic issues.

The preparation of the Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan demonstrates Council’s commitment to building a strong relationship and partnership with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in Geelong.

Comment from an aboriginal staff member at the City

I applied for the Business Administration Trainee position at the City for various reasons. Firstly, it is a strong foundation for my career pathway and there are endless opportunities available within the organisation.

I have always been interested and passionate about the structure of business operations, general administration and organisational procedures and policies. This traineeship allows me work full time as well as study my Certificate IV in Business.

Additionally, throughout the course of this traineeship, I will gain more knowledge and skills relevant to business and administration, further enhancing my capabilities and pushing me to reach my maximum potential. Secondly, having the privilege of working in such an organisation that is community orientated, allows me to represent the City’s core values.

In conjunction with this, I am able to demonstrate my own personal values and morals that will benefit the wider Geelong community as well as my work colleagues.

A sense of care and responsibility to an individual or large community is something that has always resonated with me, and so a combination of all these above factors means I will be able to fulfil my duty and job position within the City of Greater Geelong.

Alana Bonanno - Business Administration Trainee

Page last updated: Wednesday, 10 April 2024