Reconciliation Action Plan - Wadawurrung Traditional Owners message

My name is Norm Eccles. I live on my Ancestor’s land, Wadawurrung Country. I’m a father of four, Grandfather of 10 and Great Grandfather of four.

My mother Joyce Eccles aged 95 years, is the oldest living Wadawurrung person. She is a woman of strength who loves her Culture, family and community. When I was 10 years old my mum moved to Geelong with 9 children and has lived here for 62 years.

We currently have five generations living on Wadawurrung Country in the City of Greater Geelong municipality. From my mother Aunty Joyce 95 years, to my granddaughter Alira - two years.

Over my 60 years living in Geelong I have utilized many City of Greater Geelong facilities and worked in many volunteer roles connected to the City and local sporting clubs.

Geelong is a beautiful place to live and was a place my Ancestors lived for thousands of years. I am a descendant of the only surviving bloodline of the Wadawurrung people. Prior to settlement and colonisation my Ancestors cared for this Land, the Country, the water, all things living; and each other. Our stories, Spirit and bloodline is connected strongly to this Country. My mother and her family advocated for this Country, and I am proud of the family generations today continuing to advocate and care for Country.

Reconciliation is vital for all people, to learn about the Wadawurrung history of the land they live on, to know the stories and appreciate the Country, and importantly for organizations to be committed to walking together for reconciliation and endorsing this Reconciliation Action Plan.

Page last updated: Thursday, 23 May 2024