They made sure to look

Jasmine Crisp
Acrylic paint
Wadawurrung Country, Cuzens Place

Commissioned for the 2022 Geelong Women's Street Art Commission project

They made sure to look is a large scale mural by Adelaide-based artist, Jasmine Crisp.

This work features photographic artists Henry Wolff and Kieran Hookway as figures in a collaged landscape of natural and suburban imagery.

The two figures, Henry and Kieran, are posed as voyeurs amongst a semi abstracted environment derived from analogue film holiday photos. They share turned gazes and pointed gestures that invite the viewer into the ‘holiday’, encouraging the viewer to stop and notice their surroundings in a new, adventurous approach.

As a South Australian artist visiting Geelong the artist wanted to highlight the notion of wandering the streets of Geelong in an explorative light.

The relaxed figures and humbling surroundings describe moments of extended looking, quiet reflection and shared appreciation of space and community.

A gentleness and timelessness are combined here with bold colour and youthful energy to create a contemporary yet open and inclusive narrative.

Jasmine is a painter and muralist. Her practice uses traditional painting techniques and brush work to produce narrative imagery from personal life experiences.

Crisp's highly detailed work experiments with symbolic storytelling using portraiture in combination with objects and environment to form both real and reimagined landscapes of the felt human experience.

A graduate of the Adelaide Central School of Art, she has received artist residencies in Iceland and Finland, has work in the ArtBank Collection, is the recipient of several art awards, and has participated in Brisbane Street Art Fest, Wonderwalls and SANAA festival.

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