Local bands - conditions of hire

We have conditions of hire for local bands when using our facilities at the Potato Shed.

Room use

Please ensure that the space you are allocated for your band rehearsal is returned to the same state it was before your rehearsal.

For example: if you use extra chairs, stands, cubes, or other equipment – please ensure all are returned to their designated area.  Failure to do so will incur a clean up/reinstatement fee as listed below.

Disposal of rubbish

Occupational Health and Safety requirements mean rubbish is not to be put directly into bins. Rubbish liners for bins are supplied for your use and must be used.

Your quoted hire price accounts for removal in bins and/or dumpsters supplied. However rubbish needs to be taken from bins and placed in the dumpster located at the rear of the building.

You may incur costs to cover an additional collection or cleaning as required see below.


Smoking is not permitted inside the venue. If smoking outside please use the bins provided.  

Under EPA Laws and Guidelines cigarette litter can attract a fine of $100.


From time to time you may notice food stuffs and drinks in the kitchen.  It is hoped that soon we will be able to provide vending machines for out of hours users.

Until that time we work on the honour system: if you or your guests partake of any goods please pay for them.  We offer discounted rates off normal prices so take advantage of it!!!

Please note:

  • if food or drinks go missing during your hire you will be charged for them
  • if you use cups, plates, water bottles – please ensure you wash or load dishwasher.  Dirty dishes will attract a fee which will be added to your booking fee – see below.

Technical equipment

The Potato Shed has, at times, 'lost' a number of microphones, microphone stands, leads, extension cords and other various equipment.

If you break something or notice something is not working as it should then please inform us as soon as possible. More than likely it will be wear and tear and will be covered by our budget.


Public liability
One-off fee for the term of your hire. This only covers the members of the band listed above, and only for the period of rehearsals at the venue. $45
Rehearsal Fee
Booked sessions will be invoiced unless cancelled as per below terms. (per session) $35
Cancellation Policy
24 hours notice is required to cancel a booking without fee, full fee applies if the Potato Shed is not notified of cancellation as per these terms.
Security call out fee
If you don’t lock up correctly or set the alarm off – you will be charged a call out fee. $90
Replacement cost on all equipment
For example: leads, mics, etc not returned will be charged at replacement cost of the goods.
Dirty Room Fee Excess rubbish
Chairs other equipment left in room
(per item)
Excess mess
Heaters/coolers left on
(per hour)
Food and Drinks Charged at listed rates in kitchen
(per item)
Dishes Dirty dishes
(per item)

Fees are valid until 29 February 2020

Payment terms

Invoices are prepared at the end of each month and will be sent to the billing contact as per your updated details form and must be paid within 7 days.

Availability of venue

Due to the venues commitment to the community there may be times when session times will be subject to change.

All effort will be made to provide a minimum of 72 hours notice in this instance. Billing will be altered accordingly.

Need to know more...

Contact Lisa Harvey on 03 5251 1998.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 14 February 2024