Booking guidelines and conditions of hire at the Potato Shed

Please read carefully before filling out your application form.


General hire

Tentative bookings will be held for 14 days only. Your booking cannot be confirmed until your application form is received. Without further notification, this office reserves the right to cancel any unconfirmed bookings after this period.

Private functions

Tentative bookings will be held for 14 days only.  Your booking cannot be confirmed until your application form is received.  Without further notification, this office reserves the right to cancel any unconfirmed bookings after this period.

Duration of hire including setting up

If you require preparation time/access on function day, please indicate your preferred access and set up times on your application form.

Requests are generally granted subject to scheduling of surrounding bookings.

To ensure that all your function requirements are met, please submit all requests including the needs of your stage set-up personnel, technicians, caterers, decorators, entertainers, etc.

Setting up on the previous day or night

Previous day/night set ups cannot be guaranteed unless officially booked.  If required you have two options:

  • guaranteed set up time by an official booking at normal function rates.  This is to be done on the application and as early as possible to ensure availability.

  • standby availability: where set up time will be granted if the venue remains unbooked.  If requested, we will call you 5 days before your function to offer the available venue hours.  A negotiated hire fee will apply.

Change of plan

If there are changes to your original application (for example: attendance numbers, additional equipment) please notify us as soon as possible to have the best opportunity to accommodate these changes.

Payment requirements

General hire

  • a 30% deposit may be required to secure your booking.

  • a bond may be required at the discretion of the committee of management.

  • additional costs incurred prior to or on the day of the event will be invoiced at the completion of the event. Payment is required within 7 days of receipt of invoice.

  • some community groups may be exempted from this condition.  Requests for special consideration will be negotiated.

  • special rates can be offered for community groups, so please inquire.

Private functions

  • a $250 bond will be required to secure your booking.

  • private bookings must be prepaid in full.

  • if the function meets all terms and conditions of the venue use and the invoice is paid in full the $250 bond will be refunded.

  • additional costs incurred prior to or on the day of the event will be added to the invoice at the completion of the event. Payment is required within 7 days of receipt of invoice.

Payment methods

A City of Greater Geelong invoice will be sent for payment. Cash/Cheque/Credit Card Payment can be paid:

  • in person at any City of Greater Geelong Customer Service Centre, to receive an immediate receipt.  Please be sure to take your invoice with you.

  • by mail addressed to:  Potato Shed – City of Greater Geelong PO Box 466, Drysdale, 3222

  • City of Greater Geelong, PO Box 104, Geelong  3220.


Cancellations will only be accepted in writing and full deposits will be refunded if 30 days written notice is provided.

If these cancellation conditions are not complied with, the deposit paid on application will be forfeited.

General hire

A $100 hire fee will be required if less than one month written notice is given.

Private functions

A 10% of hire fee will be required if less than one month written notice is given.

Key collection

Please contact the Potato Shed on 03 5251 1998 to arrange.
As the hirer, you are responsible for the collection and return of the keys. 
When? For weekday functions, the key should be collected on the day or the day prior to the function if applicable.  For weekend functions, please collect keys on the Friday prior before 4:00pm.

Information and advice

  • ff you are not familiar with the venue, please ensure you make an appointment with this office to visit the centre.  This will ensure that the operation and location of the heating, lighting, equipment, security system, fire exits and awareness of evacuation plans and after hours contact details can be adequately advised.  This is very important to ensure the smooth running of your function.

  • to assist you with locating required areas or equipment, signage will be displayed at the Potato Shed covering:

  • location and operation of relevant appliances.

  • evacuation Plans and Emergency contact details.

Packing up time

All cleaning and packing up must occur at the termination of your function, not on the next day.  This is due to health and safety regulations, others preparing for subsequent functions and the security risk with access granted to other hirers.

This includes collection of function/catering gear.

Failure to observe this condition may cost you the additional expense incurred by this office.


For your safety and that of your guests, please ensure there is no overcrowding or obstruction of passages or exits or any part of the building.

In relation to the timber floors - speed-enhancing agents are not permitted under any circumstances.

To minimise injury, we request that any spillages are cleaned up immediately.  We have supplied equipment for your use.


The Facility is currently not equipped with a public telephone.  The Committee of Management would like to ensure that all hirers make available a mobile phone for guests, group members to use whilst at the facility.

Starting and finishing times

Functions are to be completed no later than 1:00am on weekdays/weekends.

Weekday functions can commence from 8:00am, weekend functions from 9:00am.

Disposal of waste

Occupational Health and Safety requirements mean rubbish is not to be put directly into bins.  Rubbish liners for bins are supplied for your use and must be used.

Your quoted hire price accounts for removal in bins and/or dumpsters supplied.  However rubbish needs to be taken from bins and placed in the Dumpster located at the rear of the building.

Please ensure your caterers are aware of these requirements.  You may incur costs to cover an additional collection or cleaning as required.  If you create excess rubbish you may also be charged an excess rubbish fee.  This cost is $24.


Smoking is not permitted inside the venue. Council has an obligation to ensure to protect the health of the users of any of its facilities.  Therefore, the users of any public facility shall be protected from passive smoking by requiring the hirer to make provision for an alternative location for smokers that will not impact on the general users.


Payment is due within 14 days of receiving your invoice.  If you are asked to provide a security bond as stated on the application form, the venue coordinator will make your bond available after full inspection of the premises and full payment of the final invoice.


Food and Liquor permits are only required if you will be selling food or alcohol at your function. Please advise Potato Shed staff if this is the case.

Permit types


Hirers are requested to contact our Environmental Health Department on 03 5272 5272 to determine if a licence is required.


Hirers are requested to contact the Liquor Licensing Commission on 03 5226 4737 to determine if a licence is required.


Appropriate permits must be obtained by the hirer. All permits must be signed by the booking office and bookings are subject to the appropriate permits being arranged.


Functions held or continued on Council premises between 1:00am and midnight Sundays are subject to the provisions of the Sunday Entertainment Act. hirer(s) must obtain a permit as required by the Act.

Performing rights

The hirer hereby indemnifies the Council against any claim for breach of copyright.


Short term and casual hire (24 hour period)

The hire may include Public Liability Insurance cover for $10 million with and excess of $1000 for property damage only.  This will incur extra fees, please contact the project officer for further details.

Long term and regular hire

The user/hirer/lessee must take out a Public Liability policy for a minimum of $10 million. A certification of currently should be provided to Council prior to the commencement of any hire and the signed of any Lease/Agreement.


The floors, walls, curtains or any other part of the building or any fittings or furniture shall not be damaged.  The hirer will take steps to ensure their patrons will not cause damage or defacement.  Failure to adhere to the above may result in loss in bond (refer to Bond) or additional fees being charged to your hire.


The hirer agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified and to hold harmless the Council, its servants and agents and each of them from and against all actions costs, claims, charges, expenses and damages whatsoever which may be bought or made or claimed against it by any of them arising out of or in any way related to the granting of this licence and/or the use of the Premises.

Council is not responsible for any theft, loss, damage or injury suffered by the hirer or any guests or invitee of the hirer, or any person coming on the premises during the period of hire, and the hirer indemnifies the Council in respect of all claims for loss, damage or injury caused by any person or property during the period of hire. Or as a result of the use by the hirer of the premises.


The hirer must:

  1. remain on the premises whilst visitors/patrons are in the building

  2. keep premises locked when unoccupied

  3. be responsible for orderly conduct and safety of patrons

  4. maintain the premises in a clean and safe condition for the duration of the term of hire.

Council access/limit of hire

Authorised Council Officers are entitled access to all buildings regardless of bookings.  Council also reserves the right to hire any portion of the building other than the areas stated on the application form.

The Council reserves the right to cancel any booking if the venue is required in respect of an election or referendum for the Federal or State Governments.

If it is necessary to cancel any booking, the Council will attempt to find an alternative venue or date.

Food provision

Where food is sold or provided for reward, the person/organisation responsible for such shall be registered as food premises.

In certain circumstances permission will also be given to not for profit organisations to conduct food operations subject to a temporary food permit being issued and compliance with food safety program guidelines and public liability insurance cover.

In the event where food is being provided and not sold, compliance with Councils Temporary Food Premises Guidelines is a condition of the hiring/lease.


The hirer of the kitchen shall leave it in a tidy condition and shall immediately remove all rubbish, refuse and waste water into the receptacles provided.

On completion of the function, table tops must be cleared and wiped and the premises must be left in a clean and tidy condition.


The use of confetti, streamers or similar articles of decoration or amusement is prohibited.  Decorations may only be affixed to the hooks provided in the building.

No sellotape, blue tac, pins, etc are to be attached to painted surfaces.  All decorations must be removed at the end of the function.

If this is not carried out, the costs will be deducted from the security bond or added to the hire costs.

Setting up/pack up

The hirer has the responsibility for setting up and cleaning away all equipment to its original location, unless arrangements have been previously made to engage Council staff to carry out this work at a cost.

Please do not drag furniture or equipment across floor, use trolley(s) where provided.

Setting up time must be stated on the application form and all packing up should be completed immediately after the function.

Security services

Council reserves the right to request registered external security for functions, at the expense of the hirer.

Emergency exits

All emergency exit doorways and passageways should be left clear at all times.

Emergency contacts

After hours emergency contact can be made by telephoning 03 5272 5272.

Call outs

There will be a fee of $80 for call outs where keys have not been picked up for functions, or security call outs after hours.


Council reserves the right to expel person/s or terminate the function due to any breach or condition of hire and/or misconduct by patrons.

Extra fees and charges

A complete list of all extra fees and charges is included in this application.

After your function

You are responsible for leaving the facility in a clean and tidy state.  This includes:

  • all tabletops are cleared of rubbish/decorations/food scraps

  • cleaning and return of chairs and table to the storeroom

  • all rubbish is to be tied in bags and left in bins provided (with attention to Wastewise rules)

  • spillages on floors and benches are wiped up

  • doors and windows locked

  • all lights turned off

  • kitchen and all equipment fixtures are left clean and in good order/condition.

Note:  Even if a caterer is engaged, as hirer you are responsible for ensuring this occurs.

It is imperative that these responsibilities are carried out to the satisfaction of the Venue Manager / Operations Officer.

Should additional cleaning, waste removal or repairs be required, costs will be added to your cost to hire invoice.

Additional cleaning is charges as per rate chart.

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