Places of Public Entertainment - Safety Officers information

There are conditions your Safety Officer must be aware of to meet Regulation 210 of the Building Regulations 2018.

tel:0352724450Regulation 210 of the Building Regulations 2018 outlines some of the conditions that may apply to an Occupancy Permit for a place of public entertainment (POPE) which include the engagement and responsibilities of Safety Officers to be in attendance at a POPE to provide for the safety of the public.


The responsibilities of Safety Officers include ensuring compliance with the following conditions which may be included in the POPE permit as applicable:

  • the operation of safety elements, equipment and systems including fire suppression equipment, exit signs and emergency lights
  • establish a direct communications model for general and urgent notifications
  • the establishment and operation of evacuation procedures
  • the safety of barriers and exits
  • the control of the use of naked flame in theatrical productions
  • the exclusion of the public from unsafe areas
  • the keeping, testing and storage of flammable material or explosive items and equipment, the ignition of fireworks and the discharge of pistols or other shooting devices in a safe and responsible manner, to the extent that is not required by any other act or regulations
  • the availability of specified drinking water facilities
  • the location and designation and operation of passageways and exits
  • the availability of specified public toilet facilities and the condition of those facilities
  • the safe installation of temporary utilities such as power, water, gas and cooking facilities
  • the availability of required crowd controllers
    confirming that relevant documentation is displayed on prescribed temporary structures
  • the availability of specified fire suppression equipment
    adequate anchoring of temporary structures including marquees less than 1002 metres
  • the availability of adequate overhead lighting after daylight hours
  • access for disabled persons and emergency services
  • the availability of specified first aid facilities
  • the safe operation of amusement rides
  • the availability of specified temporary handrails, balustrades, stairs landings and the like for areas that are more than 1 metre above the surface beneath.

Safety Officers who have been engaged to be in attendance at a POPE must ensure that prior to commencement of the event they have received a copy of the relevant POPE permit which details relevant conditions such as those outlined above.

Safety Officer qualifications

The following persons having the safety qualifications required by Regulation 210 of the Building Regulations 2018 (to be engaged as Safety Officers at a place of public entertainment to provide for the safety of the public) may be available upon request to perform the duties of Safety Officer at a place of public entertainment in the Geelong region.

Adrian Carbone 0404 015 448 [email protected]
Andrew Roberts 0404 994 269 [email protected]
Anmaree Angelico 0419 881 339 [email protected]
Ashley Cole 0425 825 390 [email protected]
Bob Barry 0437 853 026 [email protected]
Catherine King 0433 853 240 [email protected]
Chris Parker 0407 315 536 [email protected]
Christopher Longmore 0425 866 804 [email protected]
Danny O’Kane 0417 380 032 [email protected]
David Freeman 0407 317 198 [email protected]
David Wrobel 0402 330 420 [email protected]
Jenny Moon 0419 388 646 [email protected]
John Robinson 0418 832 471 [email protected]
Paul McCarthy 0410 503 601 [email protected]
Paul Mitchell 0448 523 821 [email protected]
Paul Terawskyj 0430 194 655 [email protected]
Peter Murphy 0438 612 907 [email protected]
Rachella Thomas 0431 053 662 [email protected]
Ray Bedson 0400 932 444 [email protected]
Robert White 0402 006 553 [email protected]
Scott Pigdon 0415 335 538 [email protected]
Shawn Delaney 0407 881 918 [email protected]

Persons considering undertaking the role of Safety Officer at a place of public entertainment who do not have formal qualifications (as required by Regulation 211 of the Building Regulations 2018) should contact:

Evidence of competencies will need to be provided to perform the duties of Safety Officer at the nominated event.

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