Prescribed temporary structures siting approvals

Prescribed Temporary Structures are defined in the Building Act 1993, Section 57 (1) (a) Building Regulations 2018, Regulation 207.

Structures include:

  • tents, marquees, booths, and prefabricated buildings with a floor area greater than 100 square metres
  • seating stands for more than 20 people
  • stages or platforms (including sky borders and stage wings) exceeding 150 square metres in floor area

which are used for the purpose of providing public entertainment.

Public entertainment is defined as an entertainment or meeting to which admission may be ordinarily gained by members of the public. This means that the general community is eligible to attend the entertainment or meeting.

Occupancy permits for prescribed temporary structures

Occupancy Permits for Prescribed Temporary Structures are:

  • obtained from the Victorian Building Authority
  • usually obtained by the owners of the structures which in most cases are event hire companies
  • valid for various periods (usually 3 years and no longer than 5 years) from the date of issue.

Requirement for siting approval (prescribed temporary structures)

Pursuant to Section 57 (1) (a) of the Building Act 1993 Occupancy Permits for a Prescribed Temporary Structures are issued on the condition that the siting of the temporary structures is approved by the Municipal Building Surveyor of the relevant municipal district.

The purpose of the siting approval is to ensure that the proposed Prescribed Temporary Structures are suitable construction for the proposed site, and meet the required structural, fire safety and evacuation standards.

Refer to the flowchart below to determine if a siting approval is required.

How to determine if an occupancy permit or siting approval is required
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Or you may wish to view the flowchart as a web page.

Siting approval application process

Application must be made by lodging a Prescribed Temporary Structures Siting Approval Application with all supporting documentation at least 20 working days prior to proposed erection of the structure/s.

Refer to our places of public entertainment and prescribed temporary structures site plan check list for a step by step guide to making an application for siting approval.

Other approvals

If the prescribed temporary structure/s are located within a substantially enclosed event site, an Occupancy Permit as a Place of Public Entertainment (POPE) may also be required. Refer to attached flowchart to determine if a POPE Occupancy Permit is required.

Any temporary structures erected within our parks, gardens, or reserves must be approved by our Events Unit.

Any temporary structures erected on roadways or footpaths must be approved by our Engineering Department and/or VicRoads as applicable. Additional fees may apply for the use of the roadway or footpath.

Refer to our places of public entertainment and prescribed temporary structures page for further information.

Other temporary structures

Where smaller temporary structures being marquees / prefabricated buildings (100 square metres or less), stages (150 square metres or less), and seating stands for 20 people or less are proposed the structures must comply with the flowchart above.

Structural requirements

Temporary structures must be erected and anchored in accordance with the relevant manufactures design / engineering documentation to ensure structural adequacy and the safety of persons using them. In some cases additional design engineering documentation may be required in order to confirm structural adequacy for the proposed location.

Note: Structural design and engineering for prescribed temporary structures is contained within the relevant Occupancy Permit obtained from the Victorian Building Authority.


Minimum fee of $350 (allows for a maximum 3 hours assessment) for each structure must be paid when making the application.

Please ensure that all required information is provided when making application as assessment time exceeding 3 hours will incur additional fees at $147.50 per hour or part thereof.

Please note: All relevant approvals must be obtained prior to erecting any temporary structures or occupation of the site.

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in penalties and fines being issued including removal of structures.

For further information on any of these issues please contact our Building Department on 03 5272 4450.

Page last updated: Monday, 29 June 2020