Lodge pool or spa compliance certificate

Every four years you need to lodge with us a current Form 23 – Certificate of pool and spa barrier compliance. 

An inspection needs to be undertaken every four years to ensure that your barrier is still performing as it was intended when it was installed.

To lodge your certificate you will need:

  • a credit card to pay the lodgement fee of $22.50
    A payment processing fee of 0.25 percent applies to credit card payments.
  • your pool or spa registration number which is on the letters we've sent you.
  • your Form 23 - Certificate of pool and spa barrier compliance.


Extension of time

Do you need an extension of time to complete your certificate of compliance?

If you no longer have a pool and/or spa, let us know so that we can remove it from our register. You will need to provide:
• evidence that it has been removed such as photos or a statutory declaration
• your pool / spa registration number
• your contact details.
These need to be emailed through to [email protected].

Page last updated: Monday, 1 July 2024