Swimming pools and spas

If you have a pool or spa in Victoria, you must make sure it is registered, inspected and compliant.

Victorian Government law requires for you to register your swimming pool or spa with your local council.

This is to improve swimming pool and spa barrier safety and prevent children from drowning.

You must register your new pool and/or spa with us within 30 days of completion. If you have purchased a property with a pool or spa, you can check with us if the pool or spa is already registered.

If you are unsure if the pool or spa at your property is registered please email [email protected] providing:

  • your name
  • the property address where the pool/spa is located
  • your contact number.

You must have your pool and/or spa barrier inspected every four years and lodge your compliance certificate with us for your pool and/or spa barrier after each inspection.

Page last updated: Friday, 28 June 2024