Swimming Pool and Spa Registration

As of December 1st 2019 the VBA (Victorian Building Authority) introduced new registration, inspection, and certification requirements for property owners where a permanent or relocatable Pool or spa is located.

These regulations aim to improve safety by ensuring the barriers containing these pools and spas meet the prescribed standard.

As part of these changes, the VBA has now made it mandatory to:

  1. Register pools and spas with local council
    Owners are required to register their pool and spa with us by 1 November 2020 or 30 days after the completion or installation of a pool or spa.
  2. Have the safety barrier inspected once every four years, and submit a certificate of compliance or non-compliance to us.

Arranging an inspection

You can search for a registered building practitioner authorised to carry out inspections and certification using the Find a practitioner tool of the the VBA website.

Need to know more...

For more information you can visit the Victorian Building Association swimming pools and spas page.

Page last updated: Thursday, 3 December 2020