Apply for an SBO Flood Advice

Getting an SBO Flood Advice or Consent is easy and free.

You can request for SBO flood advices and consents via online or email - all free of cost. Although not preferred, you can also request for it by mail.

Please attach/upload your building/works plan (if any) as PDF file with the completed request form.  At any time, you can request for either:

  • Flood Advice (FA) - flood levels, depths, required floor levels etc. We assess plans and advise via report or direct email reply. Please get a FA before any PP application.

  • SBO Consent - consents to building plans often to support VicSmart planning permit application. We provide a report and stamp your plan.

We generally take in one to four weeks to advice or consent. To prevent delays, please ensure your information are correct, clear, complete and relevant.

Ready?'s time to apply - a matter of 5-10 minutes!

  1. Apply online now to submit your application or download the request form and send the completed form by email.

  2. You can have an indicative flood advice without submitting plans. However, for SBO/VicSmart Consent or more accurate advice, you need to submit plans. The plans should generally having the following details as applicable:

    • Location, layout, size and use of the clearly shown/marked proposed works.

    • Existing ground and finished surface levels to Australian Height Datum (AHD).

    • Floor levels of any existing and proposed buildings to AHD.

    • For basement: Long/cross-sections of ramps & entries (levels to AHD), drainage plan.

    • Drawing title, site address, north direction, date, version number etc.

  3. Upload plans online or email ([email protected]) the completed form attaching plans (if any)

    If unable to apply digitally, post your request with plans (if any) to:

    PO Box 104
    GEELONG VIC 3220

Page last updated: Wednesday, 17 August 2022