Apply to amend a current planning permit application

Formal request to Council to amend a current planning permit application.

If you want to amend your planning permit application in any way, you need to make a formal request to Council using the request to amend a current planning permit form.

An amendment includes changes to the proposal shown on the plans (such as the layout or design of a dwelling or other development). It also includes introducing new permit triggers, such as applying for a waiver of car parking or for a liquor licence.

Planning permit application amendment process

Our Guide to amending current planning permit applications provides more details of the process:

  1. Talk to us first

  2. Lodge the amendment request with us

  3. We will consider the Planning Application Amendment request

  4. Further information may be requested

  5. We may decide that referrals or notifications may be required

Page last updated: Monday, 27 April 2020