Residents to have their say on proposed flooding overlays

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The community will have the opportunity to view and comment on a proposed planning amendment, which revises the Floodway Overlay, Special Building Overlay and Land Subject to Inundation controls across Greater Geelong.

Council has given its approval for Amendment C339 to be prepared, which aims to identify areas prone to flooding, coastal erosion, sea level rises and storm surges. Through the use of planning permit assessments, the proposed amendment seeks to protect residents and reduce the risk of damage, community hardship and agricultural losses.

The amendment proposes to implement the recommendations of the Lara Flood Study and the Lower Barwon and Lower Moorabool Flood Investigation, which applies to low lying properties close to the Barwon and Moorabool Rivers between Barwon Heads and Batesford. It also seeks to apply mapping from the Bellarine Peninsula - Corio Bay Local Coastal Hazard Assessment to properties on the fringe of Lake Connewarre and the Barwon River estuary. The majority of the affected properties are already subject to Greater Geelong Planning Scheme flood overlays.

Mapping from the Lower Barwon and Lower Moorabool Flood Investigation and the Lara Flood Study reflects more accurate flood risk assessment than what’s currently in place, including a reduction in the assessed risk for some properties and the removal of controls from large areas currently identified as being at risk of inundation.

The proposed changes to the Floodway Overlay, Special Building Overlay and Land Subject to Inundation controls introduce exemptions from the need for a planning permit for a range of matters, including for upper storey extensions to an existing building within the building’s footprint.

All affected property owners will receive a letter advising them of the changes when the amendment is publicly exhibited later this year. The proposed amendment will be displayed at and submissions will be considered by council, which may refer them to an Independent Panel.

Councillor Stephanie Asher - Mayor 

The proposed amendment is based on up to date mapping and modelling. Community members are encouraged to read the document once it’s exhibited later this year.

Councillor Trent Sullivan - Chair, Planning portfolio

The proposed amendment aims to protect residents from harm and avoid property damage and agricultural losses, in areas that are prone to flooding and other risks.

Affected residents will be notified when the amendment is made public, so I encourage them and the broader community to view the amendment and give feedback.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 29 July 2020