SBO Flood Advice and Consent - Process Guidelines

The City of Greater Geelong (the City) provides flood information, advice and consent to building and development works in areas subject to Special Building Overlay (SBO) and others prone to flooding by overland flows or stormwater. We assist applicants free of cost by providing with the following two types of services:

  • Flood Advice - advice with data like flood levels, depths, required floor levels etc. on estimated flooding due to 1% AEP (Annual Exceedance Probability) design rainfall. We assess your plans against stormwater flooding risk and advise via report or email.
  • SBO Consent - report and stamped plan often to support VicSmart planning permit (PP)applications. Please know if you require a PP and are eligible for VicSmart type PP. You can know these from relevant websites (see related articles) or the City's Planning Department. 

If your land is subject to an SBO or is flood-prone by stormwater and you need advice, consent or flood data, please know the following, if you are not already aware of them:

  • You can know if your land is affected by SBO or any stormwater flooding by several ways like emailing us, from the property report or websites like Greater Geelong Planning Scheme Maps (linked in related articles). 
  • If unsure, please contact the City's Planning Department to know whether you require PP. A PP is generally required for buildings/works on land subject to SBO. Exemptions to this can be found in the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme Ordinance Clause 44.05 (same website as stated above).
  • Please obtain flood advice from us at an early stage of the preparation of your building/ development plan. This is to avoid any unwanted objection to your PP application.
  • If you are eligible for VicSmart PP, please obtain an SBO Consent from us. Ideally, your plan should be in line with our flood advice generally you receive earlier. 
  • To proceed with VicSmart PP application, you will need to submit the consent documents (report and stamped plan) to the Planning Department, together with all other relevant requirements from VicSmart checklist.
  • In absence of any building plan, you can request for indicative flood advice and data like applicable flood levels, required floor levels etc. to help planning.
  • For SBO/VicSmart Consent or an accurate Flood Advice, you must submit plans showing:
    • The exact location, layout, size and use of the clearly demarcated buildings/works.
    • Ground and finished surface levels to Australian Height Datum (AHD).
    • Floor levels of any existing and proposed buildings to AHD.
    • For basement: Long/cross-sections of ramps & entries, drainage details.
    • Drawing title, site address, north direction, date, version number etc. as required.    

You can request for a Flood Advice or SBO Consent by any of the following:

  • completing an online form available in the City's website (linked in related articles)
  • downloading the request form the link below and/or just emailing us
  • Postal mailing to PO Box 104, GEELONG VIC 3220 although not preferred.

Please download the request form, complete it and email with any building plans to:

[email protected]

There is no application fee and our response time generally varies from one to four weeks.

The City issues SBO flood advices and consents since 2016 as per an agreement with Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (CCMA) - the delegated floodplain management authority under Section 202, Part 10 of the Water Act 1989.  CCMA continues providing advices on riverine, coastal and non-stormwater flooding of land in Floodway Overlay (FO) and Land Subject to Inundation Overlays (LSIO) for example.

Note: Providing drawings to architectural/engineering standard with all required information will prevent delays in assessing of your application.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 18 January 2022