Special Building Overlay (SBO)

The Special Building Overlay (SBO) identifies land in urban areas liable to inundation by overland flows that exceed the capacity of the underground drainage system.

We have conducted comprehensive surveys of the urban drainage system within the City of Greater Geelong to identify where the Special Building Overlay should be placed. Overland flow paths convey floodwater when the maximum capacity of the underground piped drains is reached.

The purpose of the flood overlay

The purpose of the SBO is to ensure that future developments allow the free passage of floodwaters, minimise flood damage, are compatible with flood hazard and local drainage conditions, and will not cause a significant rise in flood level or flow velocity.

Land affected by a flood overlay

There are several ways to find out if your land is affected by an SBO including:

Special Building Overlays and Planning Permits

If your land is affected by a Special Building Overlay, it is likely you will require a Planning Permit for buildings and works.

Permit requirements for land affected by a Special Building Overlay (Clause 44.05) can be found as a pdf document on the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme page of the Planning Schemes Online website.

Alternatively you can contact our Statutory Planning Department to determine if a Planning Permit is required for your proposed works.

Page last updated: Thursday, 23 July 2020