Land development - Construction

The management of the site and construction works required for any land development is the responsibility of the supervising engineer (Superintendent) and/or the Contractor.

Before works start

The Subdivision Act 1988 (Clause 17) requires that works shall not be commenced until:

  • the plan of subdivision has been certified

  • the engineering plans and specifications have been approved

  • all applicable planning permit conditions have been satisfied and

  • all agreements required by other authorities have been made.

Where construction management plans and/or site environmental management plans are required, they shall be submitted, and approved, prior to the commencement of any works.

Site management

Below are listed some helpful guidelines for site management.

  • Traffic Management - Vicroads Traffic Management webpage

  • Environmental Management - EPA publication 960, 2004 - Doing It Right on Subdivisions, Temporary Environmental Protection Measures for Subdivision Construction Sites

  • Work Site Safety - Working safely in the general construction industry

  • Construction Management - Infrastructure Design Manual – Especially Clauses 7,8,22 and Appendix C (Checklist #D4)

  • Design Notes - Design Notes 4,5,7 and 8 have information relevant to construction management within the City of Greater Geelong

Our inspectors are there to ensure that those assets that will become the property of Council are constructed to the appropriate Council standard.

It is not the role of our Inspectors to:

  • approve design changes

  • determine solutions to failed works

  • liaise with neighbours etc.

On completion

When the works are complete the engineering release for the Statement of Compliance (SoC) will be sought as it is required for the release of the titles for the sale of land.  To obtain the Engineering release for SoC, it is  required that:

  • the Council inspector has signed off on the works

  • all relevant test records are available for inspection

  • all fees and any bonds have been documented, approved and paid

  • as-constructed drawings have been submitted.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 8 October 2019