Land development - Design

Land development projects invariably require the construction of infrastructure and therefore the preparation of construction/installation drawings.

Has a Functional Layout Plan (FLP) been prepared. If so, any design must be in accordance with the FLP and the Planning permit conditions.

Engineering Infrastructure Design

The provision of any infrastructure within the City of Greater Geelong must be in accordance with the general principles of the Sustainable Communities - Infrastructure Development Guidelines. (A copy of this document can be requested using the Feedback form below).

We have adopted the Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM) as our engineering detailed design standard. There are accompanying Standard Drawings.

IDM checklists D2 and D3 (as appropriate) are to be attached to drawings submitted for approval.

Consultants also need to be aware of the Design Notes that provide additional, Geelong specific design advice and guidance. Designs must incorporate these provisions where relevant.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 28 September 2021