Land development

A planning permit must be granted prior to starting any new land development. 
We issue planning permits for all new land developments within the City of Greater Geelong.

Projects may range from a relatively simple subdivision of an existing residential block into two or three smaller lots up to complex, multi-stage developments on greenfield sites that may require planning scheme amendments, extensive community consultation, referral to a range of other authorities and detailed engineering construction drawings.

It is recommended that any developer engage suitably experienced and qualified professionals to assist in the preparation of the application for the planning permit.

Development projects must be designed in accordance with Sustainable Communities - Infrastructure Development Guidelines (a copy of this document can be requested using the Feedback form below).

Our staff are available to all residents and property owners, developers and consultants to help with advice and assistance to help you compile your documentation to the appropriate standards.

The land development process

Typically, a land development project will include the following elements.

Planning and investigation

The investigation of the site and the preparation of the report for the Application for the Planning Permit.

Engineering design

Once the Planning Permit has been issued, the detailed drawings for the construction of the infrastructure are prepared.  Please note that considerable preliminary engineering design may be required for the Application for the Planning Permit.  

Construction and handover

After the approval of the Planning Permit, the engineering drawings and the Certification of the Plan of Subdivision, the infrastructure is constructed and finally handed over to Council (and other authorities).


There are a range of Council fees that may be payable for any land Development project.

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Page last updated: Wednesday, 8 September 2021