Property/land zoning

Every property is zoned for specific purposes.

Land zones used in our municipality are standard across Victoria. This means that Business Zone 1 is the same here as it is in Ballarat, Melbourne or Mildura.

Each district in Victoria has a Planning Scheme - our area is covered by the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme (GGPS).

The GGPS has a number of sections to help you understand the scheme with the most important being:

  • State Planning Policy Framework - Contains strategic issues of State importance when decisions are made

  • Local Planning Policy Framework - The framework identifies long term directions about land use and development in the municipality and provides the rationale for the zone and overlay requirements and particular provisions in the scheme.

  • Zones - Each zone sets out requirements which must be met.

  • Overlays - Each overlay sets out additional requirements which must be met.

  • Particular Provisions - Show requirements for specific uses and developments.

  • General Provisions - Provide information on the administration of this scheme and other related matters.

  • Definitions

  • Incorporated Documents

Each section has a drop-down menu to select the various options.


Zones in Victoria include, for example:

  • Residential

    • Residential 1

    • Residential 2

    • Low Density Residential

    • Mixed Use

    • Township

    • Residential 3

  • Industrial

    • Industrial 1

    • Industrial 2

    • Industrial 3

  • Business

    • Commercial Zones

    • Business 2

    • Business 4

    • Business 5

  • Rural

    • Rural Living

    • Rural Conservation

    • Farming


Properties may also have Overlays in addition to their zone:

  • Environmental and Landscape

    • Environmental Significance

    • Vegetation Protection

    • Significant Landscape

  • Heritage and Built Form

    • Heritage

    • Design and Development

    • Development Plan

  • Land Management

    • Floodway

    • Land Subject to Inundation

    • Special Building

    • Wildfire Management

  • Other

    • Public Acquisition

    • Environmental Audit

    • Road Closure

    • Development Contributions Plan

Zones, overlays and your property

When buying or developing a property, the zone and overlays are very important and must be considered.

Your zone will specify what is:

  • permitted without a permit

  • permitted subject to being approved for a permit

  • not permitted at all

Take the time to understand the requirements for your property.

At times the zoning on your property may change. Before this happens, a process must be undertaken which involves all affected property owners. Once approved, the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme maps are amended.

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