Consultation meetings

In the event that an objection is received, a consultation meeting may be held. Consultation meetings are an opportunity for everyone involved in, or affected by, a planning permit application to discuss issues in an open forum.

These meetings are also an opportunity for the town planner to explain the next steps in the planning permit process.

Meeting times and locations

Generally meetings take place during office hours at our planning office, at 100 Brougham Street in Geelong.

Interested parties

Consultation meetings give people who have objected to a planning permit application an opportunity to sit down with the applicant and a town planner and discuss their concerns. At these meetings we encourage positive involvement and suggestions for improvement or solutions.


Some objectors may decide to withdraw their objection after attending a consultation meeting. Others may decide that their objection should remain registered against the application.

We will consider all issues when making a decision on the application.

Page last updated: Friday, 27 August 2021