Planning permits - Preparing to apply

Once you have confirmed that you need a planning permit there are a number of steps to follow in preparing your application.

Our planning process:

Step 1: find out what information is required

Step 2: get assistance

Step 3:

  • fill out the application form
  • state the cost of development
  • include the owner’s consent

Step 4:

  • provide all required information
  • attach title information

Step 5: attach the plans and any necessary extra information.

Step 1

Find out what information is required

Find out what information you will need to provide with your application, and what policies and guidelines we will use to assess it. You will need to provide different information for different types of permit applications. This might include site plans, elevation drawings or a written report.

To help you we have prepared some Planning checklists for each type of Planning Permit Application.

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Step 2

Get assistance

You can request a pre-application meeting with one of our planners to discuss your application. This will help you to identify whether your application is consistent with the planning scheme, and what information you will need to provide when you lodge your application.

You may also find it helpful to get professional advice.

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Step 3

Fill out the application form

If you do need a permit you will need to fill out the application, provide all the required information and pay the fee.

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State the cost of development

Your planning application fee will depend on the cost of your project. You must provide an accurate estimate of the costs, and we will verify these as part of the application process.

The scale of fees is set down by government regulation. You will need to pay the fee when you lodge the application so that we can consider and assess it. Please note that it is a fee for processing your application, not an approval fee – you will not get a refund if your application is refused.

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Include the owner’s consent

If you are applying for a permit but you are not the owner of the land, you must provide the owner’s details on the application.

You will need to use this section if you are acting as an agent for the owner (for example: as project manger). You must tell the owner that you have made the application.

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Step 4

Provide all required information

When you complete your application, clearly describe what you want a permit for.

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Attach title information

You will need to provide a current Certificate of Title or register search statement and Title Plan, no more than 60 days old. You must also provide a copy of any registered Restrictive covenant and any Section 173 Agreement.

You will need to make sure your proposal does not contravene a Restrictive Covenant or Section 173 Agreement.

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Step 5

Check everything is there

Before you submit your application, make sure you have obtained and included all the information required for the permit.

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Page last updated: Thursday, 2 December 2021