Planning permit checklist - Heritage area building demolition

Please use this checklist when submitting a planning application for demolition of a building in a heritage area.

When applying to demolish any part of a building on your Heritage property, you should ensure that you include:

  An Application form fully completed and signed.
  A full current copy of Title for the land, including current ownership details, title plan and a full copy of any registered covenants, restrictions or Section 173 Agreements that apply to the land. (The Copy of Title must be clearly legible and no older than 30 days.) You should contact the Victorian Land Titles Office to obtain a copy.
  The prescribed application fee.

In addition to the information required above for all planning applications, the following should be provided:

  An independently prepared structural engineers report for the building/s proposed to be demolished. The engineer’s report should outline whether the building is beyond repair (both physically and economically). The report should also clearly articulate whether the required repairs to retain the building involve the reconstruction of most of the building fabric.
  Detailed heritage analysis of the buildings proposed to be demolished.
  3 copies of a Site Plan showing the existing buildings on the site and those proposed to be demolished or removed. The plan should include details of any fences and vegetation proposed to be removed as part of the demolition.
  3 copies of a Floor Plan showing the sections of the existing buildings on the site to be demolished or removed.
  Photographs of all buildings/structures proposed to be demolished and buildings on adjoining lots.
  3 copies of detailed Site, Floor and Elevation Plans (drawn to a scale of 1:100 or 1:200) of any proposed alterations, additions or replacement buildings.
  3 copies of a Streetscape Elevation Plan (drawn to scale), showing the proposed alterations, additions or replacement building in relation to existing buildings on adjoining properties
  A detailed report outlining how the proposed replacement structures respond to the relevant decision guidelines of Clause 43.01 (Heritage Overlay) and any other overlay controls affecting the site as well as any state and local planning policies.
  3 copies of plans showing materials and colours for the external cladding finishes of any proposed replacement buildings.
  A statement that describes how the proposed replacement building(s) are consistent with the City of Greater Geelong’s heritage policy.

Please note that this checklist is only for the standard information required for lodgement of a planning permit application. Additional information may be required by the assessing planning officer after registration.

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Page last updated: Friday, 13 November 2020