Planning permit checklist - Advertising signage

Please use this checklist when submitting a planning application for advertising signage.

For all planning applications, you must provide:

1. An application form fully completed and signed.
2. A recent copy of Title for the land (the search should be dated not more than 60 days prior to the application), including a copy of the diagram or relevant plan of subdivision and a copy of any restriction or covenant that may affect the land . (A Certificate of Title may be obtained online Victorian Land Titles Office or by visiting the Land Information Centre located on the level 10, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne)
3. The application fee
In addition to the above, the following must also be provided:
4. Application requirements as listed at Clause 52.05-2 including the following:
•  A site context report, using a site plan or photographs
•  The dimensions, height above ground level and extent of projection of the proposed sign.
•  Sign structure details.
•  Details of any form of illumination including times.
•  For animated or electronic signs, a report addressing decisions guidelines at Clause 52.05-3.
5. For signs over 18 square metres, additional details are required
6. A written response against any relevant overlay (e.g. heritage) and the relevant zone demonstrating how the proposal satisfies the purpose, objectives and decision guidelines.
7. A written response against the decision guidelines of Clause 52.05-3 (or Clause 52.05-6 for major promotional signs).


Please note that this checklist is for standard information required for lodgement. Additional information may be required by the assessing planning officer after lodgement. Other controls in the planning scheme may affect your proposal. Please check the Greater Geelong Advertising Guidelines before submitting a planning application.

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Page last updated: Thursday, 10 March 2022