Report a barking dog

If you're affected by excessive barking from a neighbouring dog, if possible contact the owner and advise them of your concerns.

If you are experiencing and excessive unreasonable amount of barking we may be able to assist.

It is not unreasonable for dogs to bark, it becomes unreasonable when the barking is continual and excessive.

What information we need from you is:

  • Exactly where the barking dog lives - simply stating "down the road" or "over the back fence somewhere" does not give enough information to investigate
  • Details of the barking including frequency, duration, reason for barking, etc
  • Dog owner's action when barking occurs
  • Any further comments
  • Your full name - we need your name to send you a barking diary for completion over a two week period; please note that we are unable to investigate anonymous reports
  • Your contact details (email or phone)
  • Your address

Report a barking dog

This information will be kept confidential.

Alternatively you may wish to contact our Customer Service Team.

Page last updated: Thursday, 9 July 2020