Know what to do when a snake is found

If you see a snake, keep calm and try to move yourself, anyone with you and your pets away from the snake.

If someone is bitten by a snake, call 000 immediately.

If a snake is on your property and cannot remain where it is, engage a licensed snake catcher to remove it at your own expense. Local snake catchers can be found by searching online.

If a snake is seen on our land, report it by calling us on 03 5272 5272. We will install a sign or in some circumstances relocate the snake.

Did you know...

Snakes are native animals permitted to roam free in Australia. They are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. Never touch or attempt to capture or hurt snakes. Bites can occur when people try to harm them.

For more information on snakes visit the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) website.

Page last updated: Monday, 13 September 2021