Pet essentials for new residents

Congratulations on your move to the City of Greater Geelong. For the safety and wellbeing of both your pets and the community, you have responsibilities. 

Animal management officers regularly patrol our region to ensure compliance with these obligations.

Requirements for the keeping of pets differ, both between States and local government areas. There may be local laws specific to Geelong that you are unaware of. We understand that if you are a new resident, there is a lot of new information to absorb.

We aim to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your pet and the community, which means there are responsibilities associated with owning a pet.

All the key information you need to know you can read in our Pet Ownership in Greater Geelong information brochure, or you can view the information in more detail on our related pages.

We hope you and your pets will be happy living here. Please make yourself familiar with the legal obligations of being a pet owner in Greater Geelong.

Need to know more...

If you have any questions, the animal management and information services team is here to help. 

If you like would like advice on any matter, such as:

  • your duties as a pet owner
  • managing unwanted behaviours or
  • pet services available in the region

call us on 03 5272 5272.

Page last updated: Friday, 25 September 2020