Park Your Pet - dog walking app

Easily discover more than 100 dog-friendly parks, walking tracks and coastline reserves within our region with our dog walking app.

Park Your Pet is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The app provides:

  • the most extensive information available for the community and their four-legged friends
  • our dog control rules in an easily accessible format using coloured icons for on leash and off leash parks, ensuring a safe experience for the wider community
  • information about events for the whole family including pets. 

With more than 1,250 square kilometres of coastal, rural and urban areas, the vast range of open spaces require strict dog control orders to ensure that people, other animals and the natural environment are protected.

In coastal areas residents are advised to observe the signs according to the dog rules in place in that location.

We will continue developing the app to add new features according to the needs of customers.

For more information visit Park Your Pet.

Page last updated: Monday, 3 September 2018