Dogs and cats – a lifetime commitment

Please consider the long term commitment before buying a dog or cat or giving one as a gift.

Owning a dog and/or cat is a long term commitment and people thinking of buying a four legged friend should be aware of the level of care involved, costs including visits to the vet, microchipping, desexing and pet registration.

You should also take into consideration yard space and level of exercise needed.

Pets need attention especially when they are young, so if you are considering buying a pet make sure you will have the time to spend with your new pet.

Selecting the right type of pet to suit your family and lifestyle is important and to help you decide the type of dog or cat that would fit into your family why not try one of these online pet selector sites:

It is important to take the time to train and socialise your dog to prevent behavioural issues. Consider enrolling in a specialised program such as a GAWS Pet Program. This benefits not only you and your dog; but the broader community.

Page last updated: Friday, 10 January 2020