Pet registration fees

Pet registration fees for the pet registration period 10 April 2020 to 9 April 2021.

We reduce the fees by half for all new registrations at 10 October each year (the reduced fee does not apply to dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs).

To help keep pets safe, pet owners are required by law to register their cats or dogs with their local council when the pet is three months of age.

You can register your new pet online.

Animal Registration Fees as of 10 October 2020

Registration categories Regular ($) Pensioner ($)
Dangerous dog (residential) 266.10 266.10
Restricted breed 266.10 266.10
Menacing dog 218.65 218.65
Dangerous dog (guard dog) 96.00 48.00
Entire Dog (unable to be microchipped. Vet note required) 96.00 48.00
Owner a member of, and dog registered with, an approved canine association1 33.20 14.90
Dog over 10 years of age 33.20 14.90
Working dog 33.20 14.90
Dog breeder 33.20 14.90
Obedience trained dog from an approved obedience training organisation 2 33.20 14.90
Microchipped dog 96.00 48.00
Desexed and microchipped dog 21.20 10.60
Guide Dogs Victoria
Seeing Eye Dogs Australia
Government Dogs (State and Commonwealth)
Transfer from another council (registration must be for current period)
0.00 0.00
Cat over 10 years of age 25.10 12.55
Owner a member of, and cat registered with, an approved feline association3 25.10 12.55
Cat breeder 25.10 12.55
Microchipped cat (unabled to be desexed. Vet note required) 28.45 14.20
Desexed and microchipped cat 16.30 8.15
Entire Cat (unable to be desexed or microchipped. Vet note required) 73.15 36.55
Transfer from another council (registration must be for current period) 0.00 0.00

  1. Approved Australian canine organization is DOGS Victoria.
  2. Approved Australian feline organisations are: Australian National Cats Inc, Feline Control Council of Victoria Inc and the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Australia and Victoria.
  3. Approved obedience training organisations are: The Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers Inc, The Gentle Dog Trainers Association Inc, Dogs Victoria and Four Paws K9 Training.

In addition to financial membership of an approved organisation, the dogs/cats for which you are seeking a reduced rate also need to be registered with that applicable organisation.

Page last updated: Monday, 12 October 2020