Keeping backyard chickens or ducks

Keeping chickens or ducks is a great way to recycle your household food scraps.

There are limits to how many animals you can have in residential areas without a permit.

A permit is not required for up to

  • 12 hens (excluding roosters) on land less than 4,000m2
  • 24 hens (excluding roosters) on land between 4,000m2 and 20,000m2

If you live in a flat, unit or townhouse, you are not permitted to keep poultry.

Please note:

Roosters, geese or turkeys are not permitted on residential land less than 4,000m2 without a permit.

If you choose to keep ducks or chickens, keep them in a secure coop or fenced area to prevent them from getting out (or other animals getting in).

You must also provide them with adequate shelter, food and water at all times and minimise noise or smells that might impact your neighbours.

If your hen hatches chicks and you exceed the permitted number on your property, you may keep the chicks until they are 12-weeks old.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 19 April 2022