Animal registration fee exemptions

Assistance dogs are exempt from registration fees, however they are required to be registered with the City at no cost.

Exempt assistance dogs include:

  • a guide dog by a visually impaired or hearing impaired person

  • a dog owned by an organisation which trains guide dogs and is approved by the Minister. If the dog is being trained as a guide dog a letter from the organisation that owns the dog need to be presented

  • a dog working with a person who is carrying out duties for a Department or Agency of the State or Commonwealth  (for example: police dogs, customs dogs)

Reasons for registration of exempt dogs

All dogs must be registered at 3 months of age - this is a legislative requirement.

The benefits for registering your dog, whether it is used for these purposes or not, include:

  • Your dog can be identified if it is lost or injured when wearing its registration tag

  • Problems with dogs can be investigated and resolved as quickly as possible

  • We can collect valuable information about local animal populations so that we can plan for and fund pro-active programs and activities&

Page last updated: Monday, 21 October 2019