Shared Trails Masterplan

The Shared Trails Masterplan was an action of our Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2018–2021.

The City Budget 2018-2019 included a commitment to support delivery of the masterplan, and the Council Plan (2019-2020 Update) included commitments to creating linkages across the region.

The aim of this project is to develop a masterplan for the City’s shared trails that will increase physical activity and connections between clubs, schools and social groups. More specifically this includes the following objectives:

  • identify opportunities to improve and expand the shared trails network to improve connectivity to key places where people live,learn, work and play
  • prioritise when, why, how and in what form, improvements to the shared trails network is appropriate, based on an objective, evidence- based approach.

A shared trail can be defined as a path or corridor which is used concurrently by multiple types of users (including pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders, dog walkers etc).

Page last updated: Monday, 5 July 2021