Leopold Memorial Recreation Reserve Master Plan 2011

The attached document details the most recent master plan for Leopold Memorial Recreation Reserve and can be viewed in two different formats.

The master plan covers:

1 Introduction

1.1 Leopold Sub-Regional Activity Centre Master Plan 
1.2 Purpose of the Memorial Recreation Reserve Master Plan 
1.3 Project Methodology 

2 Existing Open Space Provision

2.1 Open Space Context 
2.2 Leopold Memorial Recreation Reserve 
2.3 Key Users 
2.4 Leopold Sportsmans Club 
2.5 Bellarine Rail Trail 
2.6 Proposed Sporting Facilities and Residential Growth 
2.7 Leopold Community Hub and Primary School 

3 Policy Context and Key Trends

3.2 Community Profile 
3.3 Participation in Sport and Recreation in Leopold 
3.4 Benefits of Participation and Open Space 
3.5 Summary 

4 Key Issues

4.1 General: 
4.2 Traffic Management and Car Parking 
4.3 Sports and Sports Facilities (ovals, nets, courts) 
4.4 Buildings (Pavilions, Clubrooms, Storage, Toilets) 
4.5 Casual Recreation 
4.6 Existing Site – Design Constraints 
4.7 Detailed Analysis of Existing Features and Assets 
4.8 The Leopold Urban Design Framework 

5 Strategic Guiding Principles

6 Memorial Recreation Reserve Master Plan Options

6.1 Design Opportunities 
6.2 Drivers for Development 
6.3 Design Concepts 
6.4 Considerations for the Master Plan 
6.5 Landscape Intent 
6.6 Description of Masterplan Options 
6.7 Master Plan 
6.8 Option 2 

7 Future Development Options Considered

8 Future Management of the Reserve

9 Implementation and Staging Plan

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