Hume Reserve Master Plan

The Hume Reserve Master Plan was undertaken to guide the development of Hume Reserve having regard to user and community aspirations whilst enhancing the appearance, appeal and functionality of the park.

The plan considered the current and future needs of the sporting clubs whilst allowing for improved facilities, amenities and infrastructure for informal community use. Progressive implementation of the Master Plan will help achieve the overall vision for the site, including reinforcing its role as an important local level soccer facility and valued community open space.

Hume Reserve is a located at 247-249 Thompson Road Bell Park. The attached document is the most recent master plan for the Reserve completed in 2009. 


Hume Reserve will play an important role in servicing local community needs, contributing to a strong sense of community connectedness, social capital and general well being. Hume Reserve will be reinforced as an important local level soccer facility in the northern suburbs. Facilities and infrastructure will be developed and maintained in order to support active sporting use (i.e. soccer), informal recreation and general community use

Plan objectives

In order to achieve this vision, a number of important objectives were considered in the plan.

  • Support the ongoing function of the reserve as an important local soccer venue.
  • Increase opportunities for informal community use.
  • Support community use of the Bocce facilities, recognising their importance in facilitating social capital.
  • Enhance the appearance and appeal of the reserve.
  • Develop a plan that guides priorities for the staged development and improvement of the reserve.

Landscape Plan

Diagram showing outline of tool 3
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