Sparrovale Master Plan

The Sparrovale Master Plan will provide an overarching vision for a new regional parkland for the City of Greater Geelong.

Sparrovale is a 500 hectare parcel of land located at Charlemont, eight kilometers from the centre of Geelong. The site adjoins the Barwon River and the Lake Connewarre State Game Reserve forming the largest area of native vegetation within the City of Greater Geelong.

In June 2019 the City acquired the land to provide treatment and storage of stormwater from the Armstrong Creek Urban Growth Area to help protect internationally important wetlands.

A master plan is being developed for this new reserve.

The Sparrovale Master Plan will shape the design of the new parkland that will provide opportunities for:

  • improved social wellbeing through connection to nature and open space
  • significant conservation benefits for biodiversity.

As the site is located within the Barwon River floodplain there are constraints on land use planning and building controls.

Currently access to the site is restricted as it is still used for farming and construction works will begin shortly. 

We will be providing guided tours to enable interested people to visit the site. Keep an eye open for upcoming events and opportunities to provide your ideas to this exciting new project.

Page last updated: Monday, 11 November 2019