G21 Regional Football (Soccer) Strategy

The G21 Regional Football (Soccer) Strategy has been prepared following a review of current provision across the G21 region and to develop regional & municipal specific strategies for their improvement.

The project aim is:

'To develop a strategic approach to the future provision of football (soccer) in the G21 region, including regional and local needs for football (soccer) development, governance and facilities.'

Addressing issues and challenges facing Football (Soccer) using a regional approach provides many benefits to project partners and to the sport. Strategic planning if focused at a strategic-level, allows Local, State and Federal Governments to target resources in a planned and coordinated way and to integrate future projects and funding opportunities towards achieving wider success and impact. It also recognises that sport is not restricted to Local Government boundaries and needs to be planned for accordingly.

Government and peak body commitment to regional planning ensures better communication and sharing of information. It also allows for the targeting of scarce resources towards priority projects, assists in the avoidance of facility duplication and it strengthens the ability of partners to provide a diverse range of facilities and services that are accessible to a greater number of Victorians.

For the regional strategy to be successful, the following principles have been established:

  • The need for a regional approach to the development and planning of Football (Soccer) facilities.

  • Providing a priority focus on community level facility provision for Football (Soccer).

  • Providing a rationale and direction for future regional scale facility development(s).

  • Providing direction for existing facility improvement and the consideration of new development.

  • Providing a regional strategic framework suitable for municipal implementation.

  • Creating stakeholder ownership and acceptance through a viable and achievable strategy.

  • Prioritising facility projects that promote partnership opportunities between stakeholders and funding partners.

  • Recognising regional needs, local directions, challenges and opportunities.

  • Aligning strategic directions between Federal, State and Local Government as well as peak sporting bodies.

As this Study has evolved over a greater time period than envisaged, the Geelong Regional Football Committee (GRFC) had not been established when the Study commenced, therefore Clubs were consulted individually. The GRFC will have input at the draft consultation stage.

To read more about this Strategy, view on the G21 website.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Regional Findings and Considerations

  3. Municipal Considerations and Findings

  4. Regional Findings and Recommendations

  5. Municipal Priorities

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