Beacon Point Reserve Master Plan

Beacon Point Reserve including the Scarborough Creek open space corridor is a 12 hectare local open space reserve located in Clifton Springs.

The reserve currently plays a dual role as a passive piece of open space and drainage reserve.
Beacon Point Reserve is the largest relatively flat open grassed area within the narrow coast reserve east of the boat harbour at Clifton Springs. There is no formal access to the beach from the cliff-top east of Beacon Point (the point) and steep, unformed and eroding cliff tracks are used informally by locals.

The aim of the Beacon Point Reserve Master Plan was to develop a master plan to guide future development of Beacon Point Reserve. 

The plan is to be developed in close consultation with key stakeholders and the local community and ensure the protection and enhancement of existing cultural heritage and environmental values while ensuring the long term development of the reserve to meet the aspirations of the growing local community.

The attached document details the most recent master plan for Beacon Point Reserve and can be viewed in two different formats.


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Study Area
1.2 Site Context
1.3 Summary of project scope and methodology
1.4 Summary of background documents

2.0 Existing conditions

2.1 Land ownership and management
2.2 Cultural Heritage
2.3 Environmental values
2.4 Geomorphology and coastal processes
2.5 Recreation and community use
2.6 Existing site infrastructure
2.7 Adjoining land use
2.8 Consultation

3.0 Plans

BPMP-01 - Existing Conditions Plan
BPMP-02 - Existing Vegetation Communities Plan
BPMP-03 - Master Plan

4.0 Implementation

5.0 Conclusion

6.0 Bibliography


A- Project Fact Sheet and Responses at the Analysis Phase
B- Community Stakeholder Workshop #1 Notes
C- Summary of Feedback and Responses from Community Consultation on the Draft Master Plan

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