Portarlington Recreation Reserve Master Plan (November 2011)

Portarlington Recreation Reserve is located at 4-22 Sproat Street in Portarlington. The 2011 Master Plan is the current plan for this reserve.

We are commencing a new Master Plan for the reserve in 2020-2021.  A new site for the project is coming soon.

The 2011 Portarlington Recreation Reserve Master Plan has guided the current development and improvement of the reserve.  The plan supports and enhance opportunities for existing clubs, community groups and the broader community use and enjoyment of the reserve.

The plan has provided clear direction regarding infrastructure development, including addressing the needs of netballers whilst retaining overall flexibility for multi-use of the reserve for a range of community sports, events and informal recreation.

The plan reflected a strong desire to improve facilities for female sports participants and enhance the general amenity and appeal of the reserve.


Portarlington Recreation Reserve will play an important role in serving local community needs, contributing to a strong sense of community connectedness and well being.

Portarlington Recreation Reserve is the townships sole active sports reserve.  

Facilities and infrastructure will be developed and maintained in order to support active sporting use, informal recreation and general community use.

Objectives of the plan

  • Support the ongoing use and development of the reserve as the main active sport/recreation reserve in the township.
  • Support existing multi-sport and community use of the reserve, including events. 
  • Enhance the appearance and appeal of the reserve.
  • Improve facilities and infrastructure to cater for all age groups in the community.
  • Identify treatments or initiatives to improve user safety within the reserve. 
  • Improve landscaping.  
  • Improve pedestrian and vehicular circulation.
  • Develop a plan that guides priorities for the staged development and improvement of the reserve.   
  • Encourage the development of multi-purpose facilities and infrastructure.
  • Support initiatives that contribute to overall sustainability and positive environmental outcomes.

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020