St Leonards Lake and Charles McCarthy Recreation Reserve Master Plan

The St Leonards Lake and Charles McCarthy Recreation Reserve Master Plan is a strategic step forward for an important community and recreation asset in St Leonards.

Draft report executive summary

The reserves provide open space that is well used not only by sporting clubs but by visitors and residents alike.

A wide range of consultation and research activities have been undertaken throughout the course of the project, which are summarised as follows:

  • Distribution of a household survey to residents in St Leonards

  • Interviews with key stakeholders, including community organisations, schools, Council representatives and other levels of government

  • Community workshop (2)

  • On site exhibition of the plan

  • Review of population characteristics, projections and the resultant impact to sport and recreation demands for the area

  • Interviews with each tenant sporting club to establish strengths and weaknesses of the reserve, current and anticipated usage patterns and opportunities for future development

  • Review of the statutory and strategic planning context relevant to the reserves

  • Assessment of physical buildings

  • Assessment of the broader supply of community assets within St Leonards

  • Architectural workshop to develop facility concepts

The two reserves that are the subject of the master plan provide a place for people to be physically active, strengthen social connections and to engage in community life. To this end, the master plan aims to maximise the opportunities for residents and visitors to experience a diverse range of benefits that come from participation.

The scale of proposed works is considerable, and describes a total works program of approximately $1.4 million. It is expected that works would occur based upon the capacity to gain funding contributions from a mix of state and federal government programs, local contributions and fundraising efforts. A broad implementation schedule is provided as a guide to staging of works.

Major recommended development works include:

  1. Improve and extend walking trails, strengthening connections between residential areas and links with meeting places and activity nodes.

  2. Improve picnic facilities and seating to develop a consistent style for park furniture across the precinct. Maximise settings that encourage extended/stays in the precinct through social gatherings and use of open space.

  3. Provide breaks in vegetation to improve passive surveillance and views into both reserves.

  4. Protect and enhance remnant vegetation to improve biodiversity in designated areas at both reserves.

  5. Improve sports surfaces.

  6. Improve the main pavilion at St Leonards Lake Oval to increase the opportunity for community use. Redevelopment should provide flexible spaces that enhance a range of community activities and groups that can benefit from the shared use of facilities. Specifically, consideration should be given to the following:

    • Improved community use should be made of the hall 

    • An extension be provided to accommodate the St Leonard’s Men’s Shed Group

    • An extension be provided to accommodate storage

    • Shared use of kitchen facilities and development of a community function space

    • Spectator viewing deck

    • A second change room is introduced for sporting use

    • Umpires change space.

  7. Upgrade existing public and player facilities at Charles McCarthy Oval to provide basic amenities for users, spectators and umpires.

  8. Improve and define car parking areas, providing a clear separation between traffic and pedestrian circulation areas.

  9. Include outdoor basketball court to cater for local teams displaced from local primary school facility.

Throughout the development of this master plan there has been significant community involvement and it is acknowledged that community input, either through surveys, workshops or interviews has guided much of the recommended work outlined in this master plan.

The approach to this plan has involved consultation with both sporting clubs and general community to ensure a comprehensive plan that meets the needs of all users.

Please refer to the St Leonards Lake and Charles McCarthy Reserve Master Plan for the full report. Hard copies may also be provided by completing the feedback section below.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 8 November 2017