Eastern Park play space closed for maintenance

Wednesday, 29 November 2023

One of the City’s most popular play spaces, the Geelong Play Space, will be closed for routine maintenance on Monday and Tuesday, 4-5 December 2023.

The award-winning facility, situated next to the Geelong Botanic Gardens, is designed as an inclusive area for children of all ages and abilities.

The play space offers a wide range of active and passive activities set within a beautifully landscaped area. 

The playground is fully fenced and has toilet facilities nearby.

The space has a Liberty Swing that enables children in wheelchairs to participate in swinging play.

The key to the Liberty Swing can be collected from the National Wool Museum - 26 Moorabool Street or The Carousel on the Waterfront.

Located in the heart of the Geelong’s Eastern Park - adjacent to the beautiful Geelong Botanic Gardens - the Geelong play space provides stunning views over Corio Bay.

Mayor Trent Sullivan

I thank community members for their understanding as the City prepares to close the popular play space for the two-day maintenance.

The City is proud to be able to provide a popular play space such as this one near the equally well patronised Botanic Gardens.

We anticipate many visitors making their way to this play space with the increasingly warmer weather, so it’s vital that we have it in peak condition.

It’s simply a matter of a short, two-day inconvenience to ensure that the play space is in the best shape possible; I anticipate that the community will see the big picture and for that I am grateful.

Page last updated: Friday, 1 December 2023