Apply for access over reserves or open space

You can apply online if you wish to apply for access over a reserve or open space.

Apply for access over Council land  

Once submitted, we will consider your request and you will receive a response within 2 to 3 working days.

General information

Reasons for access

Make sure you only use the reserve or public open space access for the reasons you have specified in your application. Instances this may be required include accessing the rear of your property on an occasional basis for miscellaneous circumstances.

Please note that regular access rights will not be granted.

Insurance, liabilities and public safety

  • current and adequate public liability insurance is required where applicable
  • any damage to Council property during the access period is the hirer's responsibility to correct (including turf) or compensation for works the City of Greater Geelong (the City) undertake to reinstate the area will be required
  • public safety is first priority when performing all works
  • third party interruption/damage is not the City's responsibility
  • any access granted for large scale or building works may require an asset protection permit
  • if access is approved, the application will be required to sign a waiver form and accept our terms and conditions.


Permission will be denied if ground is soft or if heavy rainfall is predicted. Access will not typically be granted over winter months.

Storage of materials

Residents are not permitted to store items on our reserves or public open spaces.


When permission is approved you will need to keep:

  1. gates and barriers closed at all times when using the notified designated path
  2. a copy of our authorisation with you at all times.

Access approval for one application does not provide permission for future applications.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 30 June 2020